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Sanaz Zaresani, born in 1980 in Sarāb, Iran, was deeply ingrained in the cultural mosaic of Azerbaijan, distinct from the prevailing Persian influences. Her formative years in this vibrant milieu cultivated her artistic sensibilities, laying the foundation for her journey as a poet and singer. After completing her journalism studies at the University of Tehran from 1997 to 2002, she confronted the systemic human rights abuses in Iran, particularly against women, prompting her exodus from her homeland in 2008.


In 2010, Sanaz found refuge in Germany, following a brief interlude in Istanbul, where she continued to nurture her craft, channeling her experiences and emotions into poignant songs and poems. Drawing from the rich tapestry of Iranian, Turkish, and Azerbaijani folk traditions, her art became a reflection of longing, love, and the pursuit of self-determination.


Co-founding the music group Mah-e Manouche in 2012 marked the genesis of Sanaz's singing career, where she lent her voice and lyrical prowess to the group's compositions. In 2019, she embarked on a new musical journey with ANCIENT, an exploration of her cultural heritage and personal narrative through evocative melodies and heartfelt lyrics. 


Additionally, her recent solo project, ODYSSEE, further narrates her life story through a captivating blend of storytelling, poetry, and song, offering audiences an intimate glimpse into her soul and journey. 

It is a snapshot and a retrospective full of gratitude for all the stops along her ODYSSEE.


Sanaz's artistic evolution epitomizes a relentless quest for self-discovery and creative expression, resonating with universal themes of resilience and freedom. Through her soul-stirring performances, she invites audiences into her transformative journey, inspiring them to embrace their own paths of introspection and artistic exploration. With each melody and verse, Sanaz Zaresani continues to weave a tapestry of emotions, captivating listeners with her profound artistry and unwavering spirit.

Wenn eine Künstlerin es versteht, das Publikum zu berühren, es mitzunehmen auf eine sehr persönliche Reise, dabei Gefühle der Melancholie, der Trauer, des Zorns aber, und das ist Wichtigste, der Hoffnung zu vermitteln, dann darf man von einem wahren Glücksmoment sprechen. Ein solcher war das Konzert von Sanaz & Friends am Sonntagvormittag im Rahmen der Matineekonzertreihe von Chudoscnik Sunergia.

von Hans Reul

Foto@ MirsamirSalahov

photo_Mirsamir Salahov.jpg

''The presence of Sanaz’s voice immediately has an intimate and emotional effect. Her expressiveness, especially when she sings the Persian and Azerbaijani ballads, makes them into objects of great sensual pleasure. The songs touch us and do not let go.


Beguiled by the richness of these songs, by the beauty of the language and its timbres, her voice combines with the artistry of her excellent instrumentalists to make this music into a truly special experience.''

                                                                      Suleman Taufiq

Sanaz- Foto©Manfred Leuchter.jpeg


Wenn Sanaz singt, denkt sie an die Frauen im Iran

von Bernd Büttgens
Foto@ Manfred Leuchter

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