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​The music of Sanaz & Band


While Turkey is part of the Mediterranean region itself, it is the culture of modal music which links Azerbaijan and Iran to the majority of Mediterranean musical cultures.


While each of them has its very own taste and modal entities that developed and distinguished over time, one can not deny the connection and common features.


The Dastgah of Persian music, the muğam of Azerbaijani music and the makam of Turkish music are a whole world in themselves, but the link to such as Arabic maqam, Greek tropos and falseta of Spanish Flamenco can clearly be seen. 

While most modal musical traditions remained homophic, Azerbaijani and Greek composers and the Flamenco musicans very tastefully and successfully mastered the approach to combine the strong modal melodies with harmonies.


The music of Sanaz & Friends features all pure modal pieces, polyphonic pieces and modal-harmonic hybrids.

Sanaz: voice and lyrics

Benjamin Stein: oud, tar, santoor and guitar
Steffen Thormählen: Percussion

Uwe Böttcher: double bass, violin and viola
Mohamed Najem: clarinet, ney

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